Name a fandom you know I know and I’ll tell you

The first character I first fell in love with
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
The character everyone else loves that I don’t
The character I love that everyone else hates
The character I used to love but don’t any longer
The character I would totally smooch
The character I’d want to be like
The character I’d slap
A pairing that I love
A pairing that I despise


treymin replied to your photoset

Maybe, just maybe, when you have complicated hair, you should not stand atop cliffsides where your hair will blow so dramatically (even if it looks cool)

Thank you to vhasoaamariyo for being my 30th follower.

And thank you to all you lovely people who brought me up to that number >w</) 

Reblog if it’s okay for people to come into your askbox and ask about your OCs


Even if I’ve never spoken to them, even if I don’t know them from a hole in the wall, even if they’re on anon, people asking questions about my OCs make my day.

Damn you pretty purple yukata

I ended up staying up all night to make a lady alt for Balmung solely for ONE outfit from the upcoming event. 

From 3:30a to at LEAST 5a, Balmung was the only server not accepting characters. When the puppy startled me awake at 7:30, I was finally able to make one.

Her name is Y’dyalani Taqarani, and although I want to make her related to Unya, I wonder if Keepers and Seekers are able to be related. /Must look up miqolore. 

… after I get some sleep.



I want to start simple, so I’ll be doing character art (fanart or OCs, whichever you prefer) in either monochrome* or color. Since drawing takes so much precious time, the prices below will be by the hour, varying from piece to piece depending on how long I take on them. You can pay me after I’m done with your piece and give you the resulting price.

*Requesting a monochrome picture includes either just the lineart or lineart + monochrome shading. Both cost the same.

Base Prices:

Chibi: Mono = $4 / Color = $5
Headshot/Bust: Mono = $5 / Color = $8
Thigh: Mono = $8 / Color = $10
Full body: Mono = $10 / Color = $12


- Paypal payment only.

- Plain backgrounds only, sorry. I’ll save extremely time-consuming backgrounds for some other time, since it would cost extra otherwise.

- If I don’t like your request, I have the right to drop it.

- I will not draw any of the following:

  • Anthro
  • Guns
  • Robots/Mecha
  • R18+ content

If you’d like to buy from me, please send your request to with the following info, and we’ll negotiate from there!

Your name or url: (whatever you’d like)
Request: (what kind of pose you would like, any specific details you want to add, etc.)
Character(s): (references, a basic description of their appearance and personality, a color palette for colored requests, etc.)
Paypal address: (insert here)

If you can’t buy anything, it would be nice to support me and reblogging this post to spread the word!

Thank you for your time!

treymin asked
you are going to hate me... 22-PrUK (bonus points if you can do a historical 1920s setting), 14-DaveKat, 9-EpsonJace, 12-MikiAce... you don't have to do all of them because i might get more ideas (unsure)
  • 09. wake me up - EpsonJace
  • 12. in the sun - MikiAce
  • 14. burn - DaveKat
  • 22. by the way - PrUK (Historical 1920s)

I’ll get on these right away! I’ll probably use this entry as a hub for linkage

send me a number and a character/pairing for a drabble!

1. glad you came

2. team

3. don't lie

4. i'm coming home

5. story of my life

6. falling down

7. clarity

8. counting stars

9. wake me up

10. safe and sound

11. lose yourself

12. in the sun

13. the monster

14. burn

15. sweet nothing

16. i'm with you

17. we believe

18. thanks for the memories

19. anything could happen

20. little talks

21. the pretender

22. by the way

23. sanctuary

24. paradise

25. where is my mind