It’s just a sketch but LOOK LARISTY. Alphinaud, where did you even get that. Stop reading. Just stop.

Also, hey my little lalafell girl is shapin up! Look at that detail. Oooh, ahhh~

you want to go back to costco too? man, you’re so driven. i wish you luck.

Very much so! I really loved working at Costco! My heart’s been broken since I’ve never been called back despite thinking I did really well. Being randomly challenged to selling an xbox one in ten minutes was so fun… (Though, I feel like a particular supervisor that I rarely dealt with didn’t like me)

I’d gladly work in the same department, but I would also like to train for the bakery! 

I love teavanaaaa

There’s one in the nearby mall and to be honest, it would be perfect if I got part time there, and then got rehired by the Costco right down the road. My legs and feet would die, but it would be soooo worth it.

Being surrounded by all the pretty tea sets and smelling the aroma of whatever new tea was being brewed? Sounds pretty uber to me.


I was startled awake about an hour ago by my phone ringing. Usually, I let the voicemail get it, especially when formerly asleep. This is especially true if the caller ID simply gives me a number, and not a name (I get so much spam how did this happen).

But for some reason, I answered this time, answering in an only slightly mumbled way.

AND it turns out to be a job offer. *freaks out*

So I’ve got an interview at Teavana on Thursday at noon! I put in the app a few days ago, and listed that I most wanted to be a barista since it seemed like the nicest reintroduction to work after being an unemployed schlub for so long. (Seriously, it’s been so long that the idea of interviews alone is making me anxious, even though I was in the customer service job force for 8 years)

Anyone on my friend’s list work for Teavana and wanna give me some tips for success??

Fine :T (all of them are mine btw) Aaaaaannddd I want Alphi reading Ali stories in bed! maybe lol

I think I can pull that off. *rubs chin*

I have 14 pictures of him in my computer, not including duplicates :|

Are eight of them miiiine? (I kid, I kid. Still, I’ve posted over half that amount so I think I’m doin pretty good :V )

And if we’re asking for picture flooding…. gimme things you want Alphi doing! Or Alisae. Whatever! I’m supposed to be fic-writing, but I’m having trouble so I’ll just draw stuff instead 

Laristy says I’m not trying hard enough with Alphinaud pictures! (For the record, I’ve posted 8 of them…) 

Laristy says I’m not trying hard enough with Alphinaud pictures! (For the record, I’ve posted 8 of them…) 





Imagine getting a detailed handsewn plushie of your favorite character in the mail one day from a mysterious sender, and whenever you’re in danger or distress the plushie turns into a flesh-and-blood version of your character to protect and comfort you


*Eyes OC plush made by friend* …. I wonder how much danger/distress I need to be in… 

i miss this movie

It’s such a fantastic movie =w= All of Satoshi Kons’s work was great, and I’m still sad that we’ll never get to see another thing he makes. Very few people could create something with so many talented people and such diverse characterization.

I mean, every character is simply great, but Hana naturally deserves special mention.

If you don’t like Hana from Tokyo Godfathers, I don’t know what to say to you…

If you don’t like Hana from Tokyo Godfathers, I don’t know what to say to you…





  1. Favorite video game?
  2. First console you owned?
  3. A game that holds a special place in your heart?
  4. Favorite video game character?
  5. Least favorite video game character?
  6. Favorite genre?
  7. Video game character you’ve had a crush on?
  8. First video game you remember playing?
  9. Age you started gaming?
  10. Hardest video game you’ve played?
  11. Video game you’ve spent the most time on?
  12. Most embarrassing gaming moment?
  13. Scariest video game you’ve played?
  14. Most memorable gaming moment?
  15. Video game character you wish you could meet in real life?
  16. PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo?
  17. Gaming company you’re most loyal to?
  18. If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
  19.  Do you use strategy guides?
  20. How often do you use cheats?
  21. Competitive or single player?
  22. Video game character you want to/have cosplayed?
  23. Ever go to a video game convention?
  24. Hardest boss fight you’ve been in?
  25. Video game you wish you could burn from your memory?
  26. Favorite gaming series?
  27. Do you skip tutorials, or find them useful?
  28. Best online gaming experience?
  29. Worst online gaming experience?
  30. Why do you game?

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Wow, just watched Tokyo Ghoul (up to episode 12), and ….

Spoilers and yaoi fangirlisms ahead:

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please watch the english dub of this scene

Blimpcat, this is Devilman. The handsome blond is Ryo, and the guy who is trying very hard to be obliviously heterosexual is Akira. This is…. a charmingly bloodless scene in a very gory anime :D

Spoiler, Ryo ALSO ships it. Akira… it’s complicated.